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400 million years to build a planet?
This sounds like it could be a fun system to play with. The Lagrange points might be colonized using conversion tech to provide light/heat/power and host many habs supporting Earth-like (or very exotic) environments. Or perhaps the inhabitants choose to modify themselves to thrive in the cold and dark of the volume and, while having just as much access to conversion tech, use it much more sparingly to support even more exotic habitats. Or some combo of both, even. Lots of room for different groups to play if they've a mind to.

Given the distances between the stars you could actually have 4 entire solar systems worth of 'stuff' - both raw materials and artifacts made from them. You could have terraformed or worldhoused planets around the G-class and possibly even the B-class components as well.

Depending on how you wanted to play it, you could have a local transapient population or entity as well. If the system is sufficiently major in importance, you could even have a wormhole connecting the two binary systems. Or maybe a micro-nexus of comm-gates.

Just some thoughts,


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