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Injectable Oxygen Keeps People Alive Without Breathing
(05-09-2013, 01:44 PM)Drashner1 Wrote: Actually this could be looked at as respirocytes (aka airdust) 1.0:

Agreed. Like OA's early respirocytes that merely provide oxygen (not the later more sophisticated models that also take up carbon dioxide) these are a very short term, emergency measure. Regardless of the oxygen provision, if carbon dioxide is not removed from the blood then there are a whole host if problems that appear in fairly short order, starting with the feeling of suffocation the user gets when blood acidity rises -- the signal, in vertebrates like humans, that some breathing needs to happen soon. Interestingly, we're not at all able to detect the oxygenation of our blood but merely the fact that carbon dioxide hasn't been cleared away. This is why people can faint and die for lack of oxygen with little or no warning if the local atmosphere doesn't provide enough, and also why an atmosphere with a lot of carbon dioxide is hazardous even if there is plenty of oxygen.

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