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OA singleships are basically a Valkyrie starship with some OA tech modifications such as conversion drives instead of matter-antimatter.

Here's some links for background info:



Hm. I should add some of these to the Design Notes for the singleship article. Back when it was created I don't think we were able to find much of anything online about them. <jots mental note>

Anyway, the Project Valkyrie ship is described as massing about 100 tons dry weigh, with a much larger amount of fuel of course (around 2100 tons per wikipedia). In an article by its inventors (I have a copyBig Grin), they describe it as carrying two people. We've tweaked that a bit to say such ships have crews ranging from 2-5 generally.

In terms of size, the overall singleship would be about 20km long if both drive/cable systems were fully extended (obviously the images on the singleship page are of the ship when the cables are not fully extendedWink). However, the cables themselves would likely only be cm in diameter and from a distance would likely be invisible or look like a distant cobweb in sunlight under some conditions.

The hab portion of the ship might be mostly inflatable in terms of space to move around in when the ship is in orbit somewhere. While in flight, the crew (in OA) would likely go into biostasis for the duration. If they decide to not do that for some reason or delay it/wake early while in flight, the inflatable hab sections would need to configure to provide support under acceleration. In terms of actual size, you could probably get away with something the size of a studio apartment in a pinch - although I wouldn't recommend staying awake for long - although with a good VR system that might not seem so cramped...

It's been quite some time since that article was written and we could certainly hash out some more numbers and do some updating on it if anyone is of a mind toSmile

Hope this helps and once again, Welcome to OA!!


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