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warships and troop transports disguised as grapeships
Thanks yet again.Smile

I'll see if I can find the info on manufacturing.

The transapients commanding the invasion force probably kicked the request to use the wormhole up the food-chain. Actually, the trio of archai who rule the region of space in which this story takes place allows fleet movements within the realm. In this period (87th to 90th centuries AT) there's a lot of regional conflicts between various polities in the NoCoZo and Mennefer (as my region is called).

Sidebar: the protagonist of my story isn't with the invaders nor the defenders. She's an information pirate committing commercial espionage when the invasion arrives. When power and communications goes down temporarily, her digital agents become isolated, trapped, and discovered by the new military government. (Go directly to Atonement House, do not pass Go.)

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