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warships and troop transports disguised as grapeships
And just to add another factor...

Terragens can implant 'ainstincts' and skill modules into themselves via their DNI and exoselves. The various skillsets and such would manifest when the situation demanded it.

The 'civil defense' version of this would result in the entire population (adults, children, possibly household pets, not to mention bots and general automation) turning into the equivalent of a trained Special Forces soldier, complete with armed and unarmed combat skills, certification on multiple types of weapons, how to improvise explosives, etc. etc. Add to this Backup technology and a personality overlay and they are also going to be essentially devoid of pesky things like mercy or a sense of self-preservation when that lack is deemed tactically necessary (and besides they can always resurrect - and come after you again).

So your billion or more people may all become an army devoted to the invader's destruction.

Of course, the invaders presumably know about this possibility and can take steps to combat it (they have access to the same tech presumably), but it isn't necessarily going to be a simple matter of 'soldiers overwhelm civilians'.

Just something else to consider.


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