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Long Time Outsider Pondering Possibility of Becoming A Zar
Greetings, all! I am Solon, a long time lurker who is dipping his toes into the OA forums because he's getting more excited about transhumanism day by day and sees OA as a great place to read and think about new ideas.

I was attracted to OA for three primary elements, from least to greatest:

  1. NoLWoCS
  2. Megastructures (Yay Culture! Yay Halo! Yay Ringworld! Yay Star Wa--wait, is that kosher?)
  3. Sophontology

I particularly find the Sophontology section to be the most interesting. There are so many ideas there that just never occurred to me, so many future paths I think humanity has a decent shot of traveling down or at least opening up that my brain never even contemplated. I'm particularly fascinated by the idea of the sybont -- probably because I see that as the real life destiny of mankind -- as well as bionoids and softbots. They're like robots, but biological! Could a bionoid, if using the human phenotype, actually be a human? (And while we're on that topic, what are the difference between them? Is it solely that bionoids use more "traditional" mind architectures while softbots just use alife models? If I actually knew anything behind the topics behind these EG articles, I'd try to fill them out, but unfortunately, I don't.)

You may notice that my join date is listed as being in 2013; it's true I signed up way back then, but I was just trying to find any articles about sybonts and synano since I found the EG articles to be limited -- not complaining mind you, I understand that that's something nobody really knows about yet at this stage.

I guess to fill out this into, I'll mention my now-favorite EG article. I didn't actually have one until I read this gem a week or so ago. It's the article on marijuana, and this is the line that got me:

Quote:There are even rumours of Marijuana provolution experiments in some areas of the Periphery.

The image of a civilization of sapient marijuana plants is just sublime.

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