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(03-22-2016, 08:38 AM)Paiyaku Wrote: Great. I'm excited to get started. I am curious, what happens when making submissions for a location like the Solar System? Is it just added into its history? I figured there's just one constant timeline and not everyone's vision of how it is.

Hi There - Welcome to OASmile

There is just one constant timeline, but generally speaking, we've found that the setting is large enough to accommodate most new ideas or stories with little or no modification. In that case, the story essentially becomes part of the history of the setting.

If the story idea in question would contradict, or otherwise run into problems with, already existing setting content or canon, then there is usually some amount of discussion on the matter, during which we try to figure out how we might make adjustments to either the story or the setting (or both) so that they can all work together. This is usually successful.

Another option is to fall back on the basic idea that the EG doesn't know what it doesn't know. What this basically means is that we can see if the story can be structured in a way that the EG never learns about the events in question, or hasn't learned about them as of Y11K.

These methods, or some combination of them, have generally proven to be successful if we've run into conflicts between a story and the setting.

I'd suggest posting a general statement or summary of your idea to the Creative Writing sub-forum so that we can get a sense of how well it might fit in with already existing setting content and premises and what elements might need to be discussed or modified to fit into OA.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas, and once again - Welcome to OA!!


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