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Children of a Dead Earth - KSP with Space Battles
(05-30-2016, 10:48 PM)Rynn Wrote: Great idea, I've played a lot of KSP so a war game with a similar approach to realism is really interesting. It does seem like it's very early alpha, I worry at the moment from the video that the "realistic" warfare has some questionable baked in assumptions (most of the scenes seemed to have the ships firing at each other from very close range) but I'll certainly keep an eye out for the finished game.

This is something of an issue with most space adventures (including OA) when it comes to finding a balance between realistic distances and the audience/players being able to actually see anything (or any level of detail in what they see).

Perhaps some kind of split screen system could be used to show both vessels and the effects each has on the other. But otherwise you would seem to either be stuck with ships apparently just shooting off into the dark at something too far away to be seen (or only seen as a dot), or putting the ships all in the same screen, which puts them way too close together in most cases.


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