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Children of a Dead Earth - KSP with Space Battles
Ranges in the game are not dictated by some overarching universe controller, but are dictated by the effectiveness of your weapons. Missiles can be launched whenever you're in the neighborhood of the enemy, and it's your job to ensure they have enough delta-v to make it to the enemy, and compensate for their dodging as well. Conventional weapons and railguns/coilguns are effective at sub 10 km and lasers are also extremely limited due to diffraction. Hypothetical black box technologies may push the ranges of space combat further, but with the stuff included in game (prototyped or white-papered) most engagements happen a lot closer than you think.

For those interested in black box techs; there is modding support. And those interested in pushing the limits of our current laser and coilgun tech can do so in tech design, which is meant to find optimal solutions for space combat through the end user.

The only "baked in assumptions" are the technologies we have access or understanding to, and that our current physics textbooks are correct.

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