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Car crash-proof humans
(07-24-2016, 12:48 AM)Rynn Wrote: When I updated the superior genemods I added a mod for toughness/acceleration resistance; a partial vascular network of fluids that strengthen under shock to absorb impact.

In terms of high-G human tweaks one option for fall protection would be to adopt a more ape like body form. Long arms, hunched posture and a style of walking that frequently involves using the knuckles as well as feet. That would be pretty stable, beyond that you get quite far away from being still technically a hominid. Spider or even slug forms would be even bet for falls.

If the idea is to stay as human-like in appearance as possible, then extremely short stature would go a long way towards solving a whole range of problems. Strength to weight is much, much better for a human who is half the height of the present average.

Another way to go aside from spider or centipede or slug forms would be an aquatic or semiaquatic habitat. Dolphin or fish provolves would be just fine in high G.

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