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"Weeding" the Timeline & Early Timeline Contribution Guidelines?
So, I went through the timeline from the Information Age up to 415 AT, 'weeding' as I went. Removed the following entries:

49 - First commercial autonomous car.

51 - Economic boom in many countries, the 'Bounty Economy'

54 - Serious earthquakes rock California and Japan.

56 - Puerto Rico becomes the 51st US state.

59 - Fourth Persian Gulf War. Allied powers occupy Iraqi, Kuwaiti and Saudi oilfields.

60's - Silicon computing reaches practical upper limit

63 - Economy picks up

66 - US involvement in the Saudi 'Regency Rig' features Transmissions Viruses

69 - Tokyo brown-out causes minor hysteria and crashes financial network.

71 - Oil war flares up in Central Asia, great powers intervene through proxies, the military-entertainment complex has a field day, ratings go through the roof.

72 - The Oil War becomes a "testing ground" for many new technologies. Each side lauds their moral superiority in using robot drones that "do not target noncombatants" (footage of devastated villages tells a different story)

72 - First photonic computer (10-gigahertz range),

75 - Central Asian Oil Crisis resolved through UN-mediated ceasefire

75 - Terahertz diamond film processing

78 - Global recession, triggered by failure of early nanomanufacturing to produce cheap and reliable nanofactured products, puts an end to further space missions. There is an increasing tendency towards cocooning. Continuing the trend that began with the birth of the information / digital age of the last decades of the 20th century onwards, humanity becomes increasingly involved with electronic and virtual worlds, and exploring the wonders of cyberspace.

82 - US President Davids consults Senate to provide watchdog on maverick Corporations.

96 - Ocean Conflict between South Africa (Azania) and Indonesia

105 - Lawrie Mimoto's Kingdom Quest (popular interactive/immersive VR simulation).

108 - EF Senate moves to Berlin.

110s - Carpenterian Kelp Farms important to Australian economy.

114 - EF Senate moves from Strasbourg to Brussels.

180 - Diamond film processors largely outmoded.

191 - Completion of EF-1

216 - Martian Inner council formed (at this time dominated by Terran appointees).

415 - Following several deaths related to manga-replica kit-nano exoskeletons, CisLunar Optimal Media Act bans anime virches. Widespread protests result

If you feel that any of the entries should be put back for some reason, please post it here and we can discuss.

Will continue going through the timeline and 'weeding' as time permits.



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