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"Weeding" the Timeline & Early Timeline Contribution Guidelines?
(09-26-2016, 12:21 AM)Rynn Wrote: Hang on there's definitely important stuff here. I'm posting from my phone so don't have time to go into it but several of those dates provide valuable context for the early timeline. The Gobi project for instance shows the first significant attempts at building a closed ecological system. Sensibly the project is on Earth but paves the way for later sea, space and hostile environment colonisation.

We revampt the early timeline a year or so ago to add entries like this because without them advanced technology and infrastructure projects just pop up later, seemingly fully formed.

Also as a point of procedure can we not go hacking away at the EG without some discussion first? Small entries are one thing but dozens of them removed with nothing more than one persons say is quite damaging.

Agreed on all points.

As Rynn says, some of these entries were added to provide context or a sense of development for later technology and infrastructure. This from the last major revamp of the timeline(s) that was done not that long ago.

And most especially, just because one person doesn't see the context or point of a particular entry does not justify removing it. For one thing, that person may not know the context or background of why the entry is there or may not realize (as has been demonstrated already) that there actually are full EG entries behind the timeline entry in question.

I would suggest that time be given for discussion of any removal and in particular that the senior members/board needs to be actively involved in that discussion before actual removal takes place.


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