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Creating a Page of Author Resources and a 'Writer's Bible'
So, this is another element that came out of the thread on what we might do different if we could start OA over from scratch.

One of the long running issues we've had is that we don't get as many stories written in the OA universe as we would like. There were various ideas on how we might address this issue and I'm hoping/planning to delve into all of them. That said, due to time constraints and various projects I'm wanting to get done both this year and next, I'm thinking that some of these ideas will be better addressed next year - but some of them are either 'low hanging fruit' that we might at get done this year (or at least get a good start on) or things that we could probably start collecting thoughts and ideas on in anticipation of a more formal push in 2017.

With that in mind, I'm hoping to get input from folks on two different ideas:

1) OA has quite a large 'library' of links to worldbuilding resources and websites. I would like to try to create a similar library of author and writing resources. In the course of my travels I've come across links to articles about creating characters, handling dialogue, etc. Some are focused on SF specifically, some are more general.

So - with this in mind, what ideas (and/or links) do people have for building a library or resource base for would be SF authors (who will hopefully than turn around and write some stories in our universeBig Grin).

2) This is a little more long term, but also something I think would be helpful in encouraging more people to write stories set in OA: A 'Writer's Guide' or maybe a 'Writer's Primer'.

The idea here is sort of a 'source of all truth' for the OA setting that is geared toward authors and would help them as they look to put together a story in the setting. Some ideas that I've had so far...

How to manage the technological diversity and scope of the setting.

How to handle transapients in the setting.

Common RL activities and how they might work in the setting.

Common mistakes when trying to write in OA and how to avoid them


I'm sure other people here could suggest additional ideas. I'd also be especially interested to hear from those members who are writers, both for ideas for 'chapters' or subjects to cover in a Writer's Guide and any elements of the OA setting that you find make it harder for your to write here.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and ideas you can provide.


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