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Creating a Page of Author Resources and a 'Writer's Bible'
(08-11-2016, 11:27 AM)Drashner1 Wrote: I'm sure other people here could suggest additional ideas. I'd also be especially interested to hear from those members who are writers, both for ideas for 'chapters' or subjects to cover in a Writer's Guide and any elements of the OA setting that you find make it harder for your to write here.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and ideas you can provide.


I think these are great ideas. One of the reasons i think OA is difficult to aproach is the amount of neologisms and words coined in OA setting.
Another is that all the setting seems made with a multidisciplinar effort, and this add complexity to the setting when a writer has to remember facts of a wide array of sources (star types, tech, bio, psychology, philosophy, and so on) to write a story.

Also "how to manage diversity and scope", "handle transapients", "Common RL activities", and "common mistakes and how to avoid them" looks great for helping writers.
Common mistakes reminds me other posible sections: "what OA is" and "what OA Not is" that are related with Cannon.

Greetings. Avengium.
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