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Greetings All
Noob here. I just read "After Tranquility" and have "Against a Diamond Sky" on the way. Perhaps Im doing things backwards.

In any case, I find the subject matter and forward thinking fascinating. When taking discrete math I was introduced to the simulation argument especially as argued by Nick Bostrom. Since then I have been thinking and reading as much as I can especially along the lines of Drexler, Minsky, Neumann, Vinge, Kurzeil etc etc.

While I realize there are as many arguments against as for (possibly more) I find the very idea probable in my own mind. It seems that whatever man seems to be able to dream up (regarding science) can come to fruition often in some horrible way. And if we are able to survive any Sagan and Shklovskii type scenario it seems logical we will develop incredible technologies and intelligence's.

I think it logical we will eventually develop a self-aware intelligence. And it will be one that can recognize in us patterns and behaviors that even we cannot. And we understand a lot when it comes to controlling populations. Trust me on that one. Hopefully it will not be a tyrannical one, or one that can be used for tyranny by any government of faction.

Thanks for all the work youve all done-

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