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Issue with Sybil and Baby Universes
As Steve says, a baby universe does not need to be small or low mass (comparatively speaking). It could, in principle, be as large and as massive as our own or even larger. The key is the principle of cosmic inflation which, along with causing a universe to rapidly expand at superluminal speed, also causes matter and energy to essentially 'boil' into existence as a side effect. The matter/energy isn't 'coming from' anywhere, nor does this process violate any conservation laws (which really don't apply to in this situation).

That all said, it's not really clear, in setting, if the archai are able to create full size universes like our own or if they are limited to objects on the scale of a Tipler Oracle, with a much smaller mass and a lifetime measured in centuries (at most). It is rumored that they can create full universes, or that they are still developing this technology, or experimenting with it to be able to create such consistently or with properties they want.

However, even if the Sybil was only able to create (or access) a Tipler Oracle style universe, that would not guarantee that it was dooming itself by fleeing into one (especially if the alternative was destruction in a losing war). If it could upload itself into the same sort of high energy computronium used by the Oracle, it could then exist for a very long time (subjectively speaking) as the Oracle computronium performed a vast number of extremely high speed computations in the ever more energetic environment before it all collapses into a singularity.

So, either the Sybil could escape into a universe comparable in mass-energy, scale, and lifetime to our own, or it could exist for a subjective near-eternity by taking advantage of the environment of a much shorter lived Tipler Oracle.

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