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Suggestion: OA in spanish. Is this possible?
So, I ran your translation through Google Translate and although I haven't checked it word for word against the original OA page, the result seems surprisingly accurate. It appears that computer translation has advanced considerably since the last time I paid attention to this.

There are one or two words or phrases that translate as something other than what we are trying to say, but in the case of the main one I noticed, I suspect we are using a bit of slang that may not be clear to Avengium - or may not be clear to Google Translate. Regardless it is something that could be discussed.

With that in mind, and subject to approval from the group, a idea on how this might work comes to mind:

Avengium - if you would like to translate pages and articles into Spanish (btw do you speak Spanish from Spain, or Spanish from Central/South America? Is there any significant difference?), we could then run the results through Google Translate and compare the output against the original article. If/when we find wording issues we could discuss them with you to determine the source of the issue and work out a correction/alternate wording that would (hopefully) still keep the intent of what we originally said.

A bit of a roundabout way of doing things, but based on the initial round with Google Translate, this seems like it might be workable, at least for the more basic pages on the site. I'm not sure what Google Translate will make of some of our EG articles, but that could be something we can find out.



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