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Paul Birch papers on Orbital Ring Systems?
Does anybody have copies of Paul Birch's original papers on orbital ring systems?

Edited to add:
oops. never mind. The pages are all there but out of order.

One of the things that's been bothering me about orbital ring systems as described in OA/EG is that I haven't found any mention of how their energy gets replenished after it's been absorbed by the objects they support.

I found a PDF purporting to be a copy of what was published in 1982 by the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society ( ) but it's incomplete.

Specifically, pages 481 and 482 clearly are missing text which should be in between them: equation numbers jump from 64 on page 481 to 72 on page 482 while the start and most of the remainder of section 3.3 are missing. The initial paragraph on page 482 starts in the middle of a sentence incompatible with the end of page 481, while its second paragraph seems to be continuing a discussion of atmospheric drag, which would be relevant to my concerns.

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