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Paul Birch papers on Orbital Ring Systems?
I have copies of all his pages, but there's also an OA archive of Birch's work here:

When I get a spare moment, I can use one of my PDF tools to fix the page issue in the copy you linked to (I checked and it was apparently a product of JBIS and is reflected in our copies as well).

Regarding your question about energy replenishment:

Orbital ring systems and dynamic compression members such as are described by Birch and in OA essentially require constant energy input to replenish losses due to supporting themselves and whatever else they are supporting, as well as whatever inefficiencies there may be in the system.

The good news is that these systems tend to be very efficient and can store large amounts of kinetic energy in their mass streams, such that even if the power is cut for some reason they can operate for hours, days or longer (depending on the particularly type of system and circumstances )before starting to run out of energy and fail. And most designs also lend themselves to various forms of multiple redundancy so that multiple independent power sources driving multiple independent mass streams (each capable of holding up the structure by itself) are all possible.

As far as actually putting energy back into the system, this can be done from magnetic accelerator stations at various points in the overall structure that boost the mass stream ribbons or pellets back up to speed (and may redirect them as well in some designs).

Hope this helps,


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