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RL Reactionless Drive
So, a quick Administration note: Duddy9 had posted a reply to this thread to the effect that the EM Drive seemed a bit dodgy.

All well and good and I thought everyone could see it. New posts that need moderation normally show up in pink highlighting in our view of the forum if they need Moderator approval in , something we require for the first post for all new members as part of our anti-spam bots process. But for some reason Duddy9's post didn't show up that way.

For some reason this AM the forum system decided to list the post that Duddy9 made about Appleseed as a first post, which I approved. But it also listed his post on this thread as needing approval as well. Thinking it was a duplicate or something, I deleted it which made it vanish here :/

Apologies for the mixup. The forum had a recent software upgrade that still appears to be turning up some bugs. Duddy9, if you want to repost to this thread to replace the deleted statement, that would be fine.

Sorry about that,


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