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It's been a long, long time.
Last time I posted in an OA thread, the bias and pitch drives were the new hotness.

(PS - can I find an archived copy of old versions of those, and the Black Angels?  Inquiring - and nostalgic - minds want to know.)

But since then, I've been slowly working on a frontier polity of perhaps only three systems on the edge of the Seams, inspired by an old version of the EG article on abdicators, intertoposophic communication, and "bloatware" AIs - it's run by a mind who is nostalgic for modosophont-ism, and whom maintains the ability to quickly ascend a few rungs on the toposophic ladder, but prefers to live as a heavily bloated S1 with fleshy modosophont avatars.  E earns eir keep as a renowned intertoposophic translator, which is probably the only reason e wasn't chased out when the seams caught up with eir little settlement.  It can be described as a fantasy world, in some ways - it's heavily landscaped and quite the dramatic garden world - though (inspired by Newton's Wake) the "natural" charm of the world is really only there to provide plausible deniability and panache.

I'd like to get some feedback on whether the mind's claims of being a veteran of the Version Wars - and the warships e piloted during them - are plausible, or a bald-faced lie.  Most of the story works equally well as complete bullshit or complete honesty, however - even though I like the idea of the mind being as ruthlessly on the level as possible, going forward.

So - is there still room for a splinter polity like this in OA, or should I write some original fiction?

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