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Automatically updated Page revision date
Hi, i saw a cool feature in other web and that reminded me a thing i wanted for OA website. Especially the EG.
When i travel through the EG. At the bottom of the screen is the credit of the page. Something like: "Text by M. Alan Kazlev. Initially published on 01 May 2003. ".
And i wonder if this page (or other page) was revised later, and when. Maybe was revised by other people and currently the main text is by other.

So i thought we could make something with more info.
And a days ago i saw something. I'm going to post a cropped image.

This image says: Page revision 3. Last edited 8 dec 2014 02:22.
I think this is an automatic timestamp. And maybe not so difficult to program.
It will be useful to uncover pages that are not updated and pages that are updated.

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