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Help an artist! Answer some questions!
Hi everyone,

I don't usually post outside the General Setting section. Today's different though. I'm doing some heavy thinking about my art career, and I need your help to figure some things out.

Over the past few weeks, I've discovered the need to truly understand my "target audience" - that is, the people most likely to be interested in my work. Up to this point, all my efforts to build a sustainable career have been random and ineffective. Well I'm tired of flailing around. I want to know exactly who will appreciate my art and dive deep into the world we share.

Thankfully, it wasn't that hard to figure out WHO to talk to. I just had to ask myself who loves the same things I love. And guess what? I thought of y'all here at OA! Big Grin I love science, sci-fi, outer space, worldbuilding, and imagining crazy possibilities. So do you! The kind of art I want to make fits right in with all of that. So here I am... and I've got some questions for you.

(1) When you're not here on OA, where do you go on the web?
(2) What are your favorite books, movies, games, and TV shows? 
(3) What magazines and blogs do you read?
(4) What causes do you care about the most?
(5) Who are your favorite artists?
(6) What gets you excited about an art piece?

Answer as many questions as you're comfortable with. And thanks in advance Big Grin

~~~P.S. Quick warning that my website is down for migration to a new host. So if you want to look at my art for any reason, try here.
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