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Long time Lurker, now posting a bit
Been reading OA since the early 2000's and finally made an account a couple years ago.  Now I'm looking forward to hopefully contributing. 

I did have one question.   In the article, Limits of Transapient Power there was this entry 

Quote:5) Violating known physical laws. This is a broad category. No transapient, not even the most powerful, is capable of exceeding light speed, violating conservation of mass and energy, travelling backwards in time, and so on. Note that it is possible for them to produce effects which appear to have violated such laws, but close investigation has always shown this not to be so. Note that in many cases they have found extensions of earlier understandings, just as Einstein extended classical physics without contradicting it, or have discovered entirely new realms of physical action, as with quantum mechanics in the late 1st century BT (20th century AD). They have also discovered new laws that are fundamental to this universe and which may not be violated by any being of any of the known toposophic levels.

Now my question is this one. 

Have any of the Archai managed to manipulate spacetime in a way that have manipulated the effects of fundamental forces on a given volume of the universe.   

My thoughts were on the Weakless Universe and whether it would be possible to heat a given volume of Terragen space up to TOE levels of heat and density and precipitate it out as a volume with slightly different laws.  

wiki blurb on it 
Quote:There are various models that address the hierarchy problem in a dynamical and natural way, for example, supersymmetrytechnicolorwarped extra dimensions, etc. An alternative approach to explaining the hierarchy problem is to invoke the anthropic principle. Within this approach one assumes that there are many other patches of the Universe (or Multiverse) in which physics is very different. In particular one can assume that the "landscape" of universes contains ones where the weak force has a different strength compared to our own. In such a scenario observers would presumably evolve wherever they can. If the observed strength of the weak force is then vital for the emergence of observers, this would explain why the weak force is indeed observed with this strength. It was argued by Barr and others that if one only allows the electroweak symmetry breaking scale to vary between universes, keeping all other parameters fixed, atomic physics would change in ways that would not allow life as we know it. Anthropic arguments have recently been boosted by the realization that string theory has many solutions, or vacua, dubbed the string landscape, and by Steven Weinberg's prediction of the cosmological constant by anthropic reasoning.

Mainly because once you do that the numbers and combinations of exotic hadrons gets REALLY interesting.    Like up to few hundred periodic tables interesting and ultraheavy elements being stable interesting.
Thanks in advance.

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