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Greeting and Quick Question on Baryos
Hi There - Welcome to OA!

As Steve says, a neutrino star is one of the most speculative ideas in OA. For my part, I'm rather iffy about the idea and wonder if we should either look to something else to produce this effect (a mass of dark matter perhaps) or retcon it out of the setting. I'd very much like to see the source material Anders was working from when he thought up the idea.

However, since we have it here for now...

After thinking about it today, I have to wonder if it would be possible for a Terragen biont (or even vecs or non-sophont machines) to reach the surface of Baryos alive/functioning.

I say this because I'm remembering back to an article I read many years ago about supernovae and how they operate. In particular, the article talked about the 'neutrino flash' that is produced during the explosion and that it involves the creation of so many neutrinos that it would kill a human being who was in the vicinity all by itself - not because supernova neutrinos are different or any more reactive than any other kind - but because so many would be produced that, even with the tiny chance of interaction with normal matter that neutrinos have, the sheer number interactions would produce enough secondary radiation to kill a human.

Taking this back to Baryos - 3 solar masses of neutrinos all in one comparatively compact place seems like it might hit particle densities matching or exceeding those associated with a supernova - which could mean that it would be deadly for a biont to approach the planet, and possibly disruptive or destructive to machinery as well. As I say, I'm not sure about this - but perhaps something the group should discuss.

My 2c worth and once again - Welcome to OASmile


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