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The economic realities of electric car?
(11-24-2019, 05:29 AM)Aurelio Wrote: How dense is an average American city compared to a European one?

Hm. That's a tough question to answer because part of the measure of population density is based on the area that a given population center occupies. Things like what constitutes the city vs the metropolitan area and such also complicate matters.

Pulling numbers from Wikipedia:

At one extreme we have New York City (pop 8.623 million) with an overall population density of - 10,947 people/km2 (but Manhattan - one part of NYC - has 27,826 people /km2

Compare this to London (pop 8.9 million) with an overall population density of 5,666 people/km2 - but 'London' actually covers a variety of parts or definitions that complicate this (City of London, Greater London, etc.).

At the other extreme, the state of Wyoming has only slightly less land area than the entire United Kingdom (population - 66.44 million) - but a population (est.) of 572,381 or so (different sources gave different values for this).

US cities on the coasts, particularly the East Coast tend to be much denser than cities in the middle of the country.

Coming at this from another direction, this page has some fun graphics that compare the UK to 11 different US states in terms of size. And this page lists out all the states by population.

Combining the two, we get:

Alaska (7.05 UKs) - 737,438 people
Texas - 2.86 UKs) - 29,206,997 people
California - (1.74 UKs) - 39,865,590 people
Montana - (1.56 UKs) - 1,062,305 people
New Mexico - (1.29 UKs) - 2,095,428 people
Arizona - (1.21 UKs) - 7,171,646 people
Nevada - (1.17 UKs) - 3,034,392 people
Colorado - (1.11 UKs) - 5,695,564 people
Oregon - (1.04 UKs) - 4,190,713 people
Wyoming - (1.03 UKs) - 577,737 people
Michigan - (1.03 UKs) - 9,995,915 people

While Texas and California each have populations that are significant fractions of the UK in their own right, only one of the other states even exceeds the population of London and the population of all the other 9 states combined only adds up to - 34,561,138 - or a little more than half the UK population.

So, yeah - we're pretty spread out over hereTongue


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