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Self-Driving Cars
Personally I really hope that SDCs will arrive in full force, affordably, as soon as possible. There seems to be a boom in research in recent years with a variety of projects like the google driverless car and various states/countries writing policy to allow for SDCs to be tested on public roads:

I've been reading up on it and thinking about how this technology could manifest both IRL and IOA. Some of the things that seem apparent is that there could be far less cars (apparently the average car spends <10% of their time on the road, the rest taking up space), most cars can be smaller suiting for less passengers (most of the time all 5 seats of an average car aren't used) and acting as a swarm fleets of SDCs would be far more efficient at getting from A to be (similar to the movement of flocks of birds/schools of fish).

Anyho I thought I'd start this thread to see what others think about the tech both IRL and IOA and also to share this latest concept video I've found which highlights a lot of these ideas in a cool way. Enjoy Smile


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