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Self-Driving Cars
At least in the US some self-parking cars have been advertised for sale. Not sure how well they really do at this or how well they've been selling. Also, there are several commercials running here right now for cars that do the lane drift and 'detecting a problem several cars ahead' and 'self-braking' thing. I haven't been paying that much attention (not planning on a new vehicle for about 5 more years) so haven't noticed if these are high end vehicles or not.

Anyway, your proposed timeline on this seems reasonable.

Getting back to OA, we currently have an EG on personal rapid transit systems and given OA automation, pretty much anything that needs to get around on its own probably can. Some places may use PRT systems, while others use self-driving cars, and others use a hybrid or combo of both (a self-driving car that can link into a PRT system for rapid transit or long range travel or the like).

Then again, some places may use things like gengineered mini-elephants that you ride or even horse drawn buggies to get around, just because they can and like to, at least when not in a hurry.


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