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Watched it last night and very much enjoyed it. The corruption of the ecology reminded me a bit of The Flow in OA, which is essentially artificial emergent Lysenkoism. For the most part though I got a Lovecraft/Warhammer 40k vibe. It's great to see a solid SF film that dwells on cosmic horror. It did feel like a darker sister story to Arrival. Both involve scientists trying to deal with something that has appeared on Earth for which they don't have any where near a solid understanding. Except in this case the corruption to the ecosystem wasn't trying to communicate (or at least didn't seem to be).

I also liked how whenever the characters tried to theorise what was going on the best they could do is share analogies with each other and shake their heads at how what's happening should be impossible. Even the bit where they discuss the swapping of Hox genes they acknowledge doesn't make any sense. The sense of reality no longer obeying rules humans understand really added to the passive fear the film kicked up.
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