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Sophont's Gallery
(07-30-2013, 12:39 PM)Drashner1 Wrote: A suggestion for the site redesign - redesign the Sophonts pages to be more visual, similar to the new V:FT page design by Arik:

In this case, there could be a different tab for each major class of sophont (transapients, modosophonts, Xenosophonts) and then each tab could be divided up into sections for the different races and clades (nebs, provolves, neogens, etc.). A menu at the top of each page would let you 'jump' down the page to the location of a given type of race. Each individual race would have a thumbnail image with the name of the race that would link to the EG article for that particular race.

This could provide a more visual way of displaying the different beings in OA.



I really like this idea. I've wanted to do this sometimes but never made the time for it. Technically, there's the Personalities section of the art gallery, but it's obviously not quite..encyclopedic enough.

I normally would not suggest such restrictions on this group, but it might be helpful to request that it would be helpful if any images of sophonts for this gallery are displayed "clearly, and diagrammatically, facing forward and back, with a white, grey, black (or maybe just..object free) background."
or something like that.

the blank standardized background comes in handy when you want to do this, like putting all of the creatures into 1 diagram.

eventually, cladograms and size comparisons would be nice.

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