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Hi, a timeline question, and some math about encryption
A couple of quick thoughts since it's getting late here. Will respond more fully to your post above tomorrow or as time permits. But these two just popped into my head:

a) Magmatter can pack an enormous number of 'atoms' into a very tiny volume and by its nature 'views' any environment below the level of a neutron star as being near absolute zero and almost utterly inert. S3 or higher archai might therefore create magmatter based quantum computers or masses of entangled particles that could retain their 'functionality' up to and including conditions that would reduce any conventional matter to plasma.

b) S4 plasma processor based computronium can pack an S3 level mind into about a kilogram of computing substrate (not counting the magmatter support structure). As such, archailects could potentially create 'quantum modules' or sub-selves such as you describe up to that level. Maybe more if they combined this with swarms of nested void bubbles.


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