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Hi, a timeline question, and some math about encryption
Having rechecked the EG, the only article currently there on quantum infotech is the one on Quantum Channels -- which is mostly OK as far as it goes, but has a couple of minor issues, and is missing a quite a bit of relevant information. For example, the limitation it mentions that quantum channels can only travel a few hundred kilometers, is true in optical fiber, but not in a vacuum -- you could send a quantum channel many lightyears in a vaccum (as long as the receiver area is big enough to catch more than 50% of the beamspread from the transmitter -- so you need a very tight beam, and difffraction limits thus require a large transmitter area), and most lightways are probable quantum channels. The actual limitation is that there is no quantum encoding/error correction/eavsdropping detection scheme that will allow you to reconstruct the original quantum information unless you have more than half of the original photons received and uncorrupted (obviously this can never be true for both the legitimate recipient and an eavsdropper -- so if the eavsdropper picked something up, then the intended recipient didn't, and vice versa -- this comes down to the No Copying Theorem, and is the key to why they can be made provably secure.) Also, it only discusses the security advantages of quantum channels, and omits to mention that their biggest advantage is that they can transmit quantum information and quantum entanglement -- probably quite a lot of the comm wormholes with archai's distribuited brains and in the Godweb are used for quantum channels, not so much for security as because archai may often want to transmit quantum information or entanglement, so they can run distributed quantum algorithms.

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