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Hey gentlemen, thanks a lot for the feedback! I will give an expansive reply (I've read it all!) but right now I'm essentially doing crisis management at work so it'll have to wait for a bit. Only two things I'd quickly like to reply to would be the Reapers:

(This is all in my opinion: Correct me if I'm wrong!)

1) The Reapers were never beaten, other than Sovereign. Sovereign was killed at a suicidal cost, with essentially the entire modo galaxy attacking it - And given their billion-year plans, Sovereigns "death" might have been planned to encourage modos to do the stuff required to transcend them (which happens at the end of mass effect 3) through the canon ending (synthesis). In the end, they get exactly what they want: A solution to their purpose. Also, if you choose to actually fight them in the end and refuse to go along with their plan, the galaxy gets massacred easily, and their cycle continues. Also, in the articles I read on intertoposophic conflict, it's not *utterly* impossible to defeat a sophont one level above you; Just really, really unlikely, requiring extremely skewed starting situation, truly massive effort and usually a suicidal or irrational cost. And the victory may be part of their plan, so...

2) Reapers can completely control any modo with indoctrination. They just don't do it to shephard.

3) In Mass Effect 2, you subvert reaper agents (the collectors) but they are just modo vectors. No reaper is fought, AND you get support from EDI, which might as well be a hyperturing after you unshackle her.

4) Reapers have essentially wormhole tech. That would make the catalyst at least S3, I think. The seperate units seem S1 to me, other than the small baby ones, which are probably equivalent to S0.8 ish superbright.

On the bright/superbright issue; As far as I understood the S scale, it doesn't work that way. A S0.4 isn't capable of what 600 S0.3's can at once; If it did work that way, the difference between a S0.9 and S1 wouldn't be that big, and I always understood the S scale to be a sigmoid, with S0.99999 > S1 being a vastly larger gap than S0.3 > S0.99999. I also read an article that brights started around 4 standard deviations from a baseline human, and superbrights around IQ 400 (I will look the article up). Based on that and the fact I have crude, information-age augmentations, I would be categorised as a low-level, nearbaseline bright, if I understood the articles correctly. My augments are not genetic (although I've had some limited experimental gene therapies, being a biohacker) but the article on brights and nearbaselines didn't necesarilly require them to be genetic; Cyborgisation and other augmentation technology (electronic, pharmaceutical) makes one a nearbaseline, as far as I am aware. Genetic/nano is just one of the pathways, and given the low level of advancement in those areas of our current society, I'm not going to go that way for the coming 5 years with gene therapy, most likely Tongue

Quote:My lifelong goal: To add "near" to my "baseline" classification.
Need help? Tongue

Will respond to all the other stuff when I've solved the BS at work


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