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How difficult is the transition to multi-cellular life?
(06-22-2018, 04:33 PM)Avalancheon Wrote: However, I would disagree with you about spacefaring aliens not visiting the stars, and not being visible from interstellar distances. After all, a race of post-singularity beings wouldn't take long to colonise the milky way. If there are aliens in our galaxy that aren't visible to us, then that can only be because they are at a similar tech level. This is extremely unlikely to be the case.

Or their tech is really advanced, and they're just not "showy" like in OA, building giant megastructures for the hell of it.

You're assuming that they'd colonize the galaxy. Maybe they don't want to? Maybe to them neutron stars are prime real estate, and the rest of the galaxy is like the Atacama Desert is to us? 

Another possibility, further "out there", but physically possible, is that they edit what we can sense. They could have come to Earth and other life-bearing worlds hundreds of millions of years ago and left self-replicating technology that infiltrates nervous systems and controls what the infected can see, hear, etc. If you were in a diminished-reality "Matrix", how could you ever know, unless they wanted you to?

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