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Enabling superscripts and subscripts
I believe MyBB allows administrators to add new MyCode values to allow more complex formatting. It would be nice on this board if the <sup>superscript</sup> and <sub>subscript</sub> HTML tags worked and had MyCode equivalents [sup]superscript[/sup] and [sub]subscript[/sub] -- this would make adding simple mathematical expressions like x^2 easier. I've been working on an EG submission article that has quite a few subscripts and superscripts in it, so this would make this a good deal easier for me to post and for people to review.

I found the following link on how a MyBB admin can set this up:

Do we have someone able to do this?

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Enabling superscripts and subscripts - by Roger - 07-14-2018, 05:43 PM

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