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Is this what technotelepathy will be like?
I am probably wrong, but I think that every biont mind is arranged in an idiosyncratic way. The genetic instructions that combine to build a brain are so concise that they can surely only give the broadest instructions about how to organise the information it recieves. I think this means that anyone with a direct neural interface and an exoself would need to go through a long adaptive process in order to learn how to interpret the data from that interface; and conversely the interface would need to be smart enough to learn how to interpret the mind and brain's idiosyncratic internal signalling codes.

For this reason I suspect that most citizens would start using their DNI and exoself at an early age, while their neural wiring was still plastic enough to adapt to the new signals. This would allow the brain and interface to adapt to each other more easily, and allow the interface to interpret other people's thoughts and relay them to the user in an intelligible fashion.

Just linking two brains together without an interpreter would probably only allow very basic sensations, images and feelings to come through, rather than complex thoughts. Pairs of conjoined twins sometimes are capable of sharing basic sensations and emotions, but not verbal communication.

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