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New to Orion's Arm + questions :)
Hi guys, nice to meet you.

I recently discovered Orion's Arm through coming across the "Yes, Jolonah there is a Hell" story by Darren Ryding. I came across it on a forum thread about the worst fates ever suffered by sentient beings in fiction. I was amazed by the story and went onto read the other stories about the Queen too which are also great.

I have been looking through the Encylopedia Galactica and have been stunned by how in depth the universe really is. I have particularly enjoyed reading about the Great Expulsion and some of my favourite subjects have been the Virtual Havens and the Utopia Worlds, which I suppose could represent the opposite of the Queen of Pain. It is interesting that whereas on one hand there exist in the universe those who suffer on such an extreme level, there are also those who experience constant euphoria. 

I have a couple of questions:

1) Could you explain how it is possible that the Queen of Pain can alter the bodies of her victims and also make them immortal? In the story she is described as not being a simulation (being a biological entity that started life as a cat) her victims are also described as being enlarged to massive proportions or being turned inside out, or  having new eyes and mouths grown on them. I think there is some sort of mention of "hypersentient utility fog" which I understand to be trillions of tiny nanobots. I can understand how they could alter surroundings but not how they could physically alter a being's body or render them immune to senescence?

2) Could you point me to some of the other most fantastical points of the OA universe?


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