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Bird Brains Have as Many Neurons as Some Primates
(10-04-2018, 06:16 AM)SeanR Wrote: Ambulatory S1.2 here I come.

S1s can already fit in a human-like body. They could even fit into a large dog. They tend to be more spread about because of how limiting one body is. S2s are much larger, but can improve size with higher toposophic technology. And of course they can also be split over/directly remote control a myriad of bodies.

(10-04-2018, 07:36 AM)extherian Wrote: It follows then that normal-sized humans such as Homo Superior could optimise their brains in the same manner, greatly increasing their neuron count and intellectual capacity.

The superior article has long talked about how their brains are architecturally very different to baselines and nebs. Neuron count would be one change among many and easily fits with current cannon.
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