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Okay, to preface, I do not have the physics background to evaluate this, which is why I'm asking here.

With quantum entanglement, would it be possible to either A. reliably scramble one message by scrambling an entangled message, or B. reliably determine if that message had been read, by checking the state of another entangled message, possibly by denaturing the second message to be opened such that it can no longer be read. Can Quantum Entanglement be used for either a secure delete or a read-receipt, (no timestamp, I understand, but still.) Something you can crack open, once, to determine if another was cracked open first.

My suspicion is, no, but again, I don't have the background to know.

The reason I'm wondering is, a system such as this would allow for a degree of comfort, that your backup hasn't fallen into the control of somebody whom you do not trust.
Of course, if it did work, it'd make a NASTY DRM solution, too.

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