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New superconductor record
There are a couple of drawbacks.

First, hydrogen sulfide's requirement for 1.5 million bars of pressure, or 22.5 million pounds per square inch, is higher than the reliably achievable 8.5 million psi tensile strength of bulk diamond. You can use THICK diamond to handle the pressure, but it's a non-ideal, brittle container. Unfortunately, there aren't better options in the current materials tool kit.

Second, such a highly pressurized material is a bomb waiting for a crack or flaw or mean look to hit it.

Third, with current artificial diamond technology and pressurization techniques, this would be a very expensive superconductor to implement. Comparatively, superconductors that require liquid nitrogen would be vastly cheaper and use established technology. I work with labs that use liquid nitrogen daily in room temperature environments. Liquid nitrogen is CHEAP, cheaper than bottled water or gasoline, and vacuum jackets aren't much pricier thanks to Yeti.
Mike Miller, Materials Engineer

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