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 The Technium: Brains of White Matter
(12-03-2018, 12:21 AM)stevebowers Wrote: So the consciousness and subjective experience of time of a Matrioshka brain must be fractured into innumerable time-separated domains.... This is not comparable to anything we are familiar with, apart from maybe a large distributed human empire communicating by sailing ship and horse-rider.

The way I see it, my brain is "fractured into innumerable time-separated domains". So is yours. Everyone, who has learned to let their subconscious chew on a problem for awhile, in hopes that an elegant solution will surface, is.
Further, anytime you are holding your keys in your hand, and looking for your keys. or thinking you need to grab the grocery list WHILE you lock yourself out of your house, (and the grocery list) is experiencing the downside.

Edit. What I'm saying is you don't need full bandwidth between every region, and we don't have it. You need enough bandwidth to pass the "solution" to a presented "problem" either back to the calling region, or on to the next region in a chain.
Heck, the 8088 famously had a smaller bus connecting the chip to the motherboard than it used internally. The clock speeds of modern processors are in the microwave ranges, but the motherboards don't run in the GHz range, but in the high multiples of MHz range.

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