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A Prodigal Returns
About nine months ago, two things happened to me. Number one, my life got more complicated. Number two, I realized that the kinds of stories I want to write, and my instincts about what a story is supposed to be, don't mesh well with the kind of setting you guys are building - it's not anybody's fault, but it was somewhat discouraging. Which is why I dropped off the face of the earth around that time.

About nine hours ago, I realized two things. Number one, I hadn't learned anything new about physics since I ended involvement with OA. Number two, leaving you guys with a couple half finished Emple-Dok-Cetic articles was a real dick move. So, now I'm back. I'm for sure going to finish up that EDC project, and I may well whip up something for those magmatter death balls I came up with. Beyond that, I guess I'll be lurking, waiting for opportunities to make myself useful.
"And it appeared to Ransom that there might, if a man could find it, be some way to renew the old Pagan practice of propitiating the local gods of unknown places in such fashion that it was no offence to God Himself but only a prudent and courteous apology for trespass."
-C.S. Lewis, Perelandra

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