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Hi! New to the forum and have a question
Hi There!

I've been into OA for a few years now, and have just decided to start posting on the forums (as I've made this account months ago, I've just never been big on posting in my life), and just wanted to let you guys know how amazing I find this project and the creativity and dedication of the people involved, it's truly inspiring and I look to this site for inspiration for my works or when I want a good read constantly, so thank you.

One thing I've never been able to wrap my head around though, is the concept of The Cybercosm and Virchworlds.

I'm sorry if you get this a lot but I haven't really found much about it in the forums and the Encyclopedia hasn't helped too much either, so maybe I'm overlooking something, but, where exactly are Virchworlds? How large are they in relation to the Ril? Do they even have relation to the Ril? Etc. etc.

I can't exactly figure out if they have physical dimensions, because I've seen that they seem to be stored in computronium banks on planets and megastructures commonly, but I've never seen something that describes how large they are, both internally and externally. I know you guys have gone at length to describe basically everything else about them but I suppose just not that.

So I suppose to summarize cause this came out as a bit of rambling: 

1) Do virchworlds interact "physically" with the Ril (in relation to photons/waves or similar, and by extension are they a type of overlay on reality, as such that they "envelop" parts of the universe like the internet "envelops" Earth)? 

2) When a sophont accesses a virch, can they connect to any part of the Cybercosm, or just a local virch which is on their world/hab/etc.?

3) How large is a virch, both inside its own space, and externally, in reference to the physical universe?

4) Is there a limit to the size of a virch? 

5) What would someone inside of a virch experience? Would it feel like reality to them? Could they travel around the Net like a photon since they are now a virtual entity effortlessly?

6) Where are virches stored physically, and what would happen if they were moved/interacted upon by embodied entities?

I hope that wasn't too much for you guys and that you can answer my questions because they're kind of a mess, but I look forward to posting more on the forums soon, until then, happy worldbuilding!
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