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New to the Forum, and I've got a question.
Hello Everyone! I first would like to state that I'm new to the OA forums. I've been reading OA's Encyclopedia Galactica for about a year now, but I've finally felt the desire to get involved with discussions. I first stumbled upon OA by complete accident while googling something I don't even remember. After my initial exposure, I knew I uncovered something awesome. I quickly and compulsively began to devour all the info on the site that I could! I can assuredly say that this website has rekindled my interest in sci-fi! All that being said, I'm still far from being an adept of OA's material (very far), so please be patient with me if I say something foolish or ask an obvious question. 

With that out of the way, I also want to say thank you for having me!

Now, I do have a question about OA. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask it, but I had a question about something that appears to have been deleted from OA years ago. I've noticed that on some pages (usually pages talking about 5th level toposophic technologies) there appears to be reference to some kind of weapon/tool called a "star hammer." I assume these were deleted some time ago as they didn't meet OA's world-building criteria, but I'm still immensely curious about them. I've done a little digging, but I can't find much surviving info on what they were. What were they? How did they supposedly "work" exactly? From what I can tell, they were alternatively known as "god hammers" and they were some kind of directed-energy weapon utilizing neutron stars, pulsars, and wormholes. Is this correct? Could someone elaborate? 

Thanks in advance, I'm really curious!

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