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From the Message Box - To'ul Language
I'd be fascinated to see more along those lines. Something to keep in mind is that the most famous To'ul'h language is but one of many hundreds or thousands or more of living, naturally-evolved modes of communication. To quote from the article:

Quote: Eventually a common language (the ancestor of To'ul'hoss) and an associated meta-culture of knowledge grew up; a way for scholars across the ages to communicate with one another, as well as for To'ul'h traders and diplomats from distant regions to carry out their business. This language had the status that Sanskrit, or Latin, or the written form of Chinese, assumed in Old Earth's human societies, but it was even more influential and eventually became universal on To'ul'h Prime. Texts that are thousands of years old can still be read by educated To'ul'h, and written history in the Braille-like glyphs favoured by the To'ul'hoss speakers extends back tens of thousands of years.

So this one language is a special case.

For written I can imagine that clay tablets are a possibility. And yes, at their home planet's temperatures clay and mud are possible. Fired clay, as opposed to dried clay, would likely have been expensive, since the biosphere is poor in fuels and the atmosphere doesn't support combustion very well anyway. I imagine that carved materials, or something resembling paper that has dimples and scratches in it (I can even imagine something like a real-world Braille typewriter) might serve.

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