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Keep it up
So I mainly registered to get at all that juicy Meistersinger/Deep Night Runner lore. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the Trap Door Spiders too...

You guys have given me hours upon hours of enjoyment. I love kicking back with some whiskey and reading the big articles like the Version War or Oracle War, it feels like like I'm reading Thucydides from the future. I love how familiar and alive the universe starts to feel after you've read enough articles, with names you recognize flitting in and out of events, histories, etc. For some reason I have a huge soft spot for Metasoft.

But I love everything you guys are doing, I love the ideas, I love the art, I love the respect you have for transcendent god-intellects, you don't cheapen them at all but let 'em breathe. It's sci-fi for adults, by adults. You guys are an oasis. I wish I could wave a magic wand and get the next 4,000 years of Terragen history updated in an instant, with special pages on the DNR, all the deep lore, prim, set, and ready to read. Or like, if you published some kinda compendium that goes into everything start to finish. When you enjoy a setting so much, the prospect of digging through a forum, let alone the EG, for every last bit of lore is extremely daunting.

keep it up and never, ever stop.

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