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Exoplanet Discoveries and Updates
8 planetary systems within 15 ly are still blank in EG. These system can be offered to various creative editors for next step worldbuilding.


Groombridge 34
Ab: 3.03m, 0.072au, T+ Acidian Cytherian;
Ac: 36m, 5.4au, N0 Cryoazurian;

Gliese 1061
b: 1.38m, 0.021au, T0 Acidian Cytherian;
c: 1.75m, 0.035au, T0 Aquean Gaian;
d: 1.68m, 0.054au, T0 Aquean Europan;

YZ Ceti
e: 0.472m, 0.01018au, T0 Mesoazurian Hermian;
b: 0.75m, 0.01557au, T0 Mesoazurian Agonian;
c: 0.98m, 0.02090au, T0 Acidian Cytherian;
d: 1.14m, 0.02764au, T0 Acidian Cytherian;

Teegarden's star
b: 1.05m, 0.0252au, T0 Aquean Gaian;
c: 1.11m, 0.0443au, T0 Aquean Europan;

Wolf 1061
b: 1.91m, 0.0375au, T0 Mesoazurian Cytherian;
c: 3.41m, 0.0890au, T+ Aquean Gaian;
d: 7.7m, 0.470au, N- Ammonian;

L 1159-16
b: 4.0m, 0.016au, T+ Acidian Cytherian;
c: 26.0m, 0.406au, N0 Methanean;
d: 81.5m, 0.881au, J- Cryoazurian;

Gliese 674
b: 11.8m, 0.039au, N0 Mesoazurian;

Gliese 687
b: 18.394m, 0.16353au, N0 Aquean;

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