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Hello all,

I'm new around here- the forums at least, although I have been popping in and checking out the content on the Orion's Arm site proper from time to time.  I have been a fan of science fiction from since I was little, and as I have grown older I find that I enjoy the hard science aspect of the genre more and more.  I also read a lot of articles pertaining to developments in the fields of astrophysics/cosmology, new exoplanet discoveries, and futurism, so discovering this forum was a pleasant surprise.  Aside from that I listen to podcasts from folks like Isaac Arthur and John Michael Godier, and as part of the art I like to do, I build texture maps for planets (based off my knowledge of science, and what I've picked up from science papers and articles) and then render them over on  Below is an example of some of my artwork I've created for a tidally locked terrestrial world in system of a M class dwarf.  

[Image: Tidally-Locked-Citation.jpg]

Lord Other

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