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Project Heavenstorm (Chapter One of my novel)
(11-26-2019, 05:09 AM)Dfleymmes1134 Wrote: Is this cover art the right proportions?
Or will you modify it?

Also right now this Cover doesn't quite do the story justice , by reducing a plot with a dragon air force, techno magic, dolphin cultures , etc to a practically mirrored view of what might be a dragon eye with a star reflection

Edit: I read no mention of cybernetic enhancements on a dragon in the story, but that might be the kind of iconography you're looking for? Like, a bunch of data/UI something that is more clearly a dragon eyeball, maybe with something more than a single star reflected ...
That's probably not how the tech in your story works? But that might communicate more.

something like this? idk

 I made these covers in 10 min with a dragon image - it's basically inaccurate fanart for inspiration?.

anyway the story is rad

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