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Hello World
Hello world. I joined this forum for two main reasons

One of them is that I want to use many concepts and names from Encyclopedia Galactica in a work of mine and I don't know how much I can use under the terms and conditions

Secondly I noticed that in the NoLWoCS there is no article for Helium planets or a planet type I came up with called pseudo-Cytherean planets which is a variant of a Helium planet that is old enough it lost most of its Helium leaving a Cytherean like atmosphere composed primarily of CO2 and Nitrogen with Sulfuric acid clouds. I wish to add articles on both of them. For later articles I also see no article on Eccentric Jupiters and their possibly unique weather systems and might be interested in writing one sometime. And I would like to contribute a gas giant with an ecosystem too.

I hope I can help a lot with this project. I really enjoy it and its efforts to stay faithful to known science

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